Cora’s Secret Garden

I remember the moment when I found the jelly roll of Moda‘s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – I couldn’t put it down. I was looking for fabric for a baby quilt, and here was this darling, modern yet vintage-inspired collection of florals and polka-dots in the most luscious and sophisticated shades of soft greens, dusty roses, creams, baby blues. I am not one for pink and pukey so I was instantly taken with the pallet of traditional baby “colors” (pink, blue, green, beige) re-imagined in sophisticated, modern and aesthetically tantalizing tonalities. I found the perfect jelly roll pattern at Moda’s Bakeshop: “Sweet Menagerie” Nine Patch by Roslyn Mirrington. And here’s the process!

Precut strips made cutting the 2.5x2.5 squares a breeze

Many hours went into mixing and matching 9 squares. Eventually I opted for using only two fabrics per square (one light, one dark) rather than the random look above.

Once the nine-patches were complete I mixed and matched to find the perfect border for each square

The real dance began after each nine-patch had selected it's own border to create complete blocks. The most tedious, and imperfect part of the process - trying to balance the entire quilt with the following rules: no blocks with same fabrics touching, no blocks with same balance of light/dark touching, no blocks with same border shades touching. Hours of rearranging!

Balance and harmony . . . sigh.