Raven Clan Update

Well, that was interesting. So I thought I’d found the perfect yarn for my Rogue II (BMFA Peru) – but alas, the gauge was off just enough to freak me out in light of my Rogue I disaster. What to do? There was just no way I was returning that box of beautiful Raven Clan yarn without the satisfaction of a plan!

So I went back to the drawing board. I spent way too much time pouring over patterns at Ravelry.com, searching for the perfect yarn / pattern synthesis. After days of searching and thinking and calculating gauge (and nights of dreaming in Woobu and Peru) I finally figured out what I wanted!!

#1. Wisteria by Kate Gilbert in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru, colorway Thraven.

#2. Ashby by Leila Raabe in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea, colorway Grawk.

I’m so glad I had Blue Moon Fiber Arts ship me samples, the same colorway is radically different from one yarn to the next. The Fledges (Corvid Fledge, Grawk Fledge, etc) were described to me as “lighter, less black” which is probably accurate from the dyers perspective, but from the knitters perspective they were totally  different then their parent colorways because the colors that are hinted at in the parents (Grawk, Corvid, etc.) completely take over in the Fledge – bright pinks and greens and blues with light grey. Not Ravenish at all. (Shown below: Peru Grawk and Corvid, Gaea Corvid)

I did like the Twisted quite a bit, but ultimately too light to satisfy my Raven obsession. (Shown below Valkyrie and Grawk)

Rogue meets Raven Clan!


Love, love, love this one from Pieknits.com!

A few weeks ago I had the biggest knitting f*up of my life. I’ll save the details (and the gory photos) for another post, but let’s just say I put about 80 hours over the course of a year knitting my dream sweater and I was minutes from finishing when I realized . . . I couldn’t. It wasn’t going to work. Nothing for it but burn it or frog it.

In case you are wondering, the pattern for the sweater of my dreams is Rogue by Jenna Wilson (The Girl From Auntie).

I’m officially done crying about the wasted yarn and wasted time. . . Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, you see just after I cast on with my second yarn purchase I found the sweater yarn of my dreams. Now I’m seeing this as an opportunity to knit my dream sweater in my dream yarn. Ever since I stumbled on the Raven Clan family of colors at Blue Moon Fiber Arts I’ve been obsessed! Unfortunately, their website does not have images of every colorway in every yarn, and their really is a huge variation from how one yarn to the next regarding how each fiber picks up dye. So hard to decide but I’ve finally narrowed down the colorway I want to Corvid, Corvid Fledge, Grawk, Grawk Fledge, and Thraven (hey, narrowed down from 20 to 5 isn’t bad). So I ordered one of each in three different yarns: Gaea (worsted 4ply Organic Merino), Peru (50% Alpaca / 30% Merino / 20% Silk ), and Twisted (three plies of regular merino and one ply of superwash merino).

I can’t wait to open that box . . .